Государственный большой театр имени Салиха Сайдашева
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Great personalities

   Great personalities. Rustem Yakhin

In the new concert season, the State Big Concert Hall named after Salih Saidashev  offers to the attention of the listeners the subscription “Great personalities”, dedicated to the work of the greatest Tatar composers of the 20th century:

    - the first concert consists of songs and arias by Salih Saydashev;
    - Rustem Yakhin's chamber music is dedicated to the second concert of the subscription;
     - the third concert of the season ticket Great personalities is dedicated to the song creation of Sara Sadykova.
     Performers: Ilgiz Mukhutdinov, Ilgiz Shaihraziev, Almas Khusainov. Artistic word - Tagir Ismagilov.

Great personalities -  are everlasting songs!

Beginning at 15.00


Developed in "Артклен" studio.