Государственный большой театр имени Салиха Сайдашева
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Baroque by candlelight

Baroque by candlelight. Music on the water

In the new concert season, the State Big Concert Hall named after Salih Saidashev presents to the audience a subscription for the whole family "Baroque by Candlelight". Each concert will feature the music of the Venetian abbot - Antonio Vivaldi and his contemporaries from different countries.

The first concert of the subscription will tell about Vivaldi and Germany - the music of Georg Friedrich Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach will sound.

The second concert is dedicated to Vivaldi and France. The music of French harpsichordists Francois Couperin, Jean-Baptiste Lulia and others will be played.

The third concert is dedicated to the homeland of Antonio Vivaldi - Italy. In addition to his compositions, arias from operas by Domenico Scarlatti and Giovanni Gabrielli will be performed.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the indescribable atmosphere of historical writings that have stood the experience  of time.

Baroque - is trendy!

Beginning at 18.30


Developed in "Артклен" studio.