Государственный большой театр имени Салиха Сайдашева
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The Organ Kingdom

The Organ Kingdom. The ancient magic of the organ

Sunday subscription for the whole family.

Anniversary 20th season.

Twenty years ago in the State Grand Concert Hall named after S.  Saydashev State Great Concert Hall, an organ subscription for the whole family appeared, which to this day enjoys great popularity among music lovers of all ages for its democratic and creative presentation of one of the most difficult musical instruments - the organ. The permanent creator of the subscription since 2003 has been Lada Labzina, a famous Russian organist, the main organist and keeper of the organ at the Zaryadye Concert Hall in Moscow.

Each concert of the jubilee Organ Kingdom will be a surprise for the audience and discover new sides and possibilities of the greatest musical instrument. 

In the first concert, with the help of ethnic wind instruments - Pan flute, Scottish bagpipes, Irish whistles, Armenian duduk and Tatar kurai - the ancient magic of the organ will be revealed.

In the second concert, the singing angels of Christmas will fly into the Organ Kingdom.

And at the third concert, the organ will go to pieces. And next to the music of great Bach, there will be... jazz.

Just like twenty years ago, during the new concert season 2023-2024 His Majesty the Organ - the great magician and charmer sparkling with his silvery trumpets - invites guests to his court who will receive truly royal presents!

The organ- is royal!

Beginning at 12.00 and 14.30



Developed in "Артклен" studio.